You may not yet have heard of RD Jewelry Studio.  However, if you live on the North Shore there is a good chance you know someone who owns a piece of jewelry crafted by this talented custom designer.  As a second generation jeweler, Rob Dufault has spent the past 30+years designing and expertly executing one-of-a-kind creations right here in Lake County.  Since 2003,  right here in Lake Bluff, (on Waukegan Rd) first as Dufault Fine Custom Jewelry and Design, he quietly served his clientèle by appointment only,  than as RD Jewelery Studio operating a retail design studio.    

Rob's mission has been using his talents as a designer, craftsman, educator and student to help clients create their own, distinctive, pieces of "Wearable Art".  For each design, he selects from the best methods of manufacture weather old world workmanship or the newest technologies and techniques available today.  

Rob sees his role as... "helping to create the embodiment of the customer's own taste"....  "My taste is just that, mine. My gift is to help yours shine through.  I make your visions become reality". 

Rob's expertise is in all phases of the jewelry trade.


  • Repair- in all precious and semi-precious metals

  • Restoration

  • Design- hand wax modeling & computer-aided design

  • Manufacture- hand-fabrication, assembly, casting, computer aided milling, and 3D printing

  • Gemstone setting

  • Lapidary arts- inlay, cabochon, carving, facet & ultra-sonic cutting

  • Gemology- gemological studies including diamonds and other precious and semi-precious

  • Insurance services- including replacements, repairs & appraisals

These along with his design sense and engineering prowess make Rob's "Rd Jewelry Studio" a truly unique destination in the Lake Bluff, Lake Forest area!

Call and see what we can do for you!



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